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Product Comparisons

The Urinator and our synthetic urine (fake pee) basically can not be compared to anything on the market.

However there are alot of companies attempting to.

The Urinator was designed tohelp someone get the job that they deserve. Not to help them for probation, parole or for an observed test.

It does NOT have a prosthetic penis. However, if all you are trying to do is get a job then you will NOT be watched and The Urinator is the product for you.

Why have a fake penis down your pants that won't hold proper temperature when temperature control of the fake pee is really your main concern.

Standard employment urinetests generally only test for a very few things: pH, Specific Gravity, creatinine, urea, uric acid and a few others.

However, in a genetic screenthe urine sample must contain over three times as many ingredients that a drugtest requires. That is why we have NEVER had to re-formulate our synthetic urine.

No matter what company says their product is the 'best'.. look at their track record, then look atours... we started the whole substitution industry 20 years ago and everyone else came in behind us years later.

We have the longest standing and best track record in the industry, that is why so many companies compare their product to ours.

However, everyone else uses inferior organic heat pads for temperature stabilization, we dont sell them. Because we don't having customers complain about their failures.

Our synthetic urine (fake pee) has NEVER had to be re-formmulated since 1999. It has always contained Uric acid, Urea, creatinine etc.. from the very beginning.

The Urinator is the only electronic substitution device in the world. Air activated heat packs are not reliable. Heat packs are not able to be set at body temperature and can varying greatly, becoming extremely hot (107 to 135 degrees or more) or not heating up at all. The Urinator temperature will not vary more than one degree from correct testing temperature, assuring exact testing temperature every time.


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Last update: 29.06.2021