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WE only sell two products for urine tests.

The Urinator and Dr. Johns Famous Pee Pee.

We were the first, the best and have stayed that way for 20 years. Something No one else can truthfully say.

The Urinator was the first substitution device available for urine test on the market (invented in 1998 by our company) and Dr. Johns Pee Pee was the first liquid synthetic urine on the market (invented in 1999 by our company).

Both products were made specifically for protecting your genetic information during a urine test..

The Urinator and our synthetic urine is designed for protecting your genetic information, it is not designed, manufactured, sold or advertised to help you pass a drug, alcohol, steroid or nicotine test.

The concentrated synthetic urine made by IRT is made to protect your genetic privacy not to help you pass a drug or alcohol test .

Most other products outh there were manufactured for helping people to beat a drug test and do no meet the extreme requirements for protecting you from genetic discrimination (We do not sell for drug testing -- don't even ask). If you need to pass a drug test then you need to look elsewhere for products designed for that purpose.

Dr .Johns Famous Pee Pee was the first liquid synthetic on the market and has the absolute best track record of any synthetic urine on the market.

Dr. Johns Famous Pee Pee was designed exclusively for protecting your genetic information not for passing a drug test.

Our product has NEVER had to be re-formmulated since 1999. It has always contained Uric acid, Urea, creatinine etc.. from the very beginning.

There are over 1000 genetic test available on the market today . The bottom line is that there is no quick fix or sub solution when it comes to genetic profiling.

Substitution is only solution available today that can guarantee your genetic privacy when taking a urine test.

There are many products out there on the market that will say that air activated heat pads stabilize at body temperature.

There are many people out there that will tell you ANYTHING and sell you ANYTHING, just to make a buck.

The Urinator is temperature regulated using electronics. Air activated heat packs are not reliable. Heat packs are not able to be set at body temperature and can varying greatly, becoming extremely hot (107 to 135 degrees or more) or not heating up at all. The Urinator temperature will not vary more than one degree from testing temperature, assuring exact urine testing temperature every time.

IRT does not sell our products to anyone to help them pass a steriod, nicotine, drug test or alcohol screen.

That includes DOT, probation, parole, or any other industry or profession.

If you are worried that you may be genetically profiled then The Urinator is the product for you.

Persons under Department of Transportation (DOT), are required for the safety of the public to submit to drug urine testing, however they are also protected by federal law that they cannot be genetically profiled in the process (this law also is extended to all federal employees). For this reason we feel federal employees and persons that fall under DOT do not need our product, since they are already protected under an existing law.

IRT will not knowingly sell The Urinator or our Synthetic urine to ANYONE that is trying to take a drug test.

IRT will sell our product to anyone that feels that they may be genetically discriminated against in the workplace.


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